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Name three good things you're grateful for today. Mine: 1) All three kids slept late, a VERY rare occurrence! 2) Got to see my BFF (best Facebook Friend) at the market today. 3) Hashem answered the prayers of a friend, thanks to Gidon Ariel and his Holy Prayer Society, after EXACTLY FORTY DAYS!!! Thank you Hashem!

- Shoshana H., Israel

As someone who has worked closely with Gidon Ariel on other projects, and has an inside look at how he conducts his personal affairs, I can attest to the veracity and integrity of the promises made on this site. Each member is prayed for daily without exception, exactly as is promised.

Bob O'Dell, USA
April 2014

Dear Gidon,

Thank you that you prayed for me, it means so much to me.

And I want to thank you and your wife Devra for sharing an import part of your life's. I didn't know about what you called a "little scare". http://bit.ly/ChayimZvi

I read it very carefully, with tears in my eyes. It must have been a hard time for you and your family. I hope with whole my heart that everything is ok with your son Chayim Zvi and he may have a happy life. God is really loving you!!

I had also cried because for the first time in my life I have met someone (all is this just through the Internet) who sees God's Hand in everything too. God who shows us miracles every day and gives us massages in all kind of ways. Like Devra wrote "... clear message to those that want to see it that there is a Grand Master running the show. Nothing is random. Everything has a purpose. This is tremendously comforting. We might not understand why, but the knowledge that there is a purpose to whatever we are experiencing, that it is part of a master plan, gives us the strength to accept and move forward."

I know that God let me to go through this experience not just for me alone. During the process I knew God was telling me something, that He let me experience something and afterwards it was clear to me. He couldn't have giving me a bigger present. I know now that I am not imagining things, but that they are true.

Thank you Gidon en Devra for being in my life.

And thank You God that You let them come in to my life.

May God bless you all.

- Shanah

Want to wish you and your family L' Shana Tova!!

It is the start of a new year, and wishing you all the best Hashem provides.

God bless you and God bless Israel.

p.s: Thanks for praying for me - there has been some progress. Its only alittle, but Hashem has been hearing the prayers - and have His Shalom. Thankyou.

My health was not great, but Hashem has been good - it is much better now (after prayer).

I have Shalom, and think it all came with love for Israel and desperation to connect with people of Israel. Am so glad we connected and you prayed for me. I had prayed for years with no fruit.

Also, at work, my boss has complimented me! I really thought that was impossible, but Hashem does answer prayer. It is time to praise Him with joy. Hoping for abundant blessings, Hashem can decide - if its His will it is good, otherwise it is still good.

Blessed be Hashem who is just and the true judge.

Thank you for helping me with prayer Gidon.


- Preeny Chacko

[My husband] Hal accepted a position as a CFO of a health care group. The place is established, offered what Hal was looking for, and is located less than a 10 minute drive from the house.
Thanks, I am sure your prayers helped.
Hal is happy.

- Ruth Wenig, New York

Dear Gidon,Thanks for thinking about me. I am very grateful.
As a Christian, I have to know more about the Holy Land,
its People, the Bible, God, etc.
I am also interested in visiting Israel, the Holy Land.
God bless you for thinking about me..

- Adams Owusu, Ghana, Africa kofiwusuadams@yahoo.com

I would like to thank the Holy City Prayer Society
for prayer for me. I would like to thank the Lord
for getting me safely through my surgery.

- Linda M., Exton, PA

Dear Gidon Ariel,

Joining your Prayer Society was one of the best things I had done this year! Thank you for your prayers.

Also, my boyfriend and I received blessings today from Hashem. I believe that this miracle happened for us with the help of prayer and faith.

Even though my faith in this blessing was not good, my faith in Hashem helping me in some way or another was great!


- Michaela Galambos, Rochester, NY

Dear Gidon,

Since joining the Holy City Prayer Society, your prayers
have helped me secure a temporary work contract,
which means more money to enable me to help others.

HaShem has again strengthened me, and through
your prayers, healing and health have come speedily!

May HaShem continue to bless your activites.
The mitzvot (good deeds) undertaken by you
and those who pray for members
will not be forgotten by HaShem.

G-d bless,

- Emunah Ma'ayan Dent, Glasgow

May Hashem bless this project and answer your Tefillot!

- Shmuel Sackett, www.jewishisrael.org

How can I be sure that these prayers will help?

The Temple Mount, viewed from the Mount of OlivesWhile we are confident that God recognizes our needs and hears our prayers, we are equally confident that His ways are often unknowable by us, until one Day in the future.

No one can guarantee what answers God gives to those who pray, but in the long run, we believe that prayer is good for the one who prays and the one who is prayed for.

Personal prayer straight from Jerusalem - it's like a local phone call to G-d.

- Gedalia M., Israel

Thank you so much for your prayers.
Two doors have opened for me in the past two months.
The first one is that G-d has made a way for me to
take a Hebrew correspondence course! This is something
I have wanted to do for several years now.

The second one is G-d has made a way for me to get an apartment of my own (I have been staying with friends).

I continue to pray for my son, Tommy.
I thank you for your prayers for him.

I also continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem,
and for all of you there in the Holy Land.


- Arielle

In the future if it's meant to be I will go there to Israel to pray at the center of the world. I'm glad you provide this service in the meantime. God bless your work!

- Arnold P

Shalom le kulam

Thank you that you and your prayers exist. All these good words do me days more easy and more better.

God Bless You!

- Esther

Shalom,It is an honor to have you pray for me...

I feel in my heart to pray for the Holy City Prayer Society daily...

I surely wish I had a Hebrew name. That would be most special to me if there was a way to have one...

I just want you to know that though I have just been added to prayer list ...I feel a greater deeper drawing toward my God...As the scripture says ...God you are my God ...... Early will I seek you... My soul thirsts for you... My flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land... Where there is no water... So I have looked for you in the sanctuary, to see your power and glory.

Because your loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you.

Thus I will bless you while I live; I will lift up my hands in your name....

I love God so very much. He is the love of my life... I feel the love the Prayer Society has for the mighty one of Israel...

It makes my heart glad to share with you a love the world cannot know or give...

Well, sometimes I get so caught up in Him I could just keep writing about my love for Him...

May the Lord God Almighty bless you!

Overflowing with His Goodness, His Love, Much Grace and Mercy...

- Shalom,Marlene


Greetings in the name of the Most High God !!!!!!

Shalom Gidon,
Just a little update ....i am so thankful for the prayers of the Holy City Prayer Society......

you are praying for me daily and i believe an even greater spiritual growth is taking place within me.....and you are praying special prayers for my physical condition i will say i seem to be walking a little better....

I so thank God i feel like each word of prayer you speak is like a treasure of gold. going up to the Mighty one of Israel i do thank God for hearing your prayers and answering them....

May you be continuously blessed..

- Marlene


Shalom Gidon,

It has been a little while since i have written......

i have been having some trouble in my physical body.....it gives me comfort to know that the Holy City Prayer Society is praying for me daily......

in spite of illness, i do not loose my desire to come to Israel, for i believe God Almighty wants me to .......

I have my passport ready, just waiting on God's timing to get me there......

Well may you continue to be blessed as well as your family and HCPS.....

Bless You,

- Marlene


Shalom Gidon & Holy City Prayer Society.....

It has been a year since being a part of you.....

Thank you for all the unselfish hours you put in to pray for me.....it has been much appreciated....

I ask of our Holy G-d to meet each one of your needs ....to give you favor, peace, and His abundant Love.....

Thanks again for showing up in my life, In His Name,

-marlene ( malka)










Saying:Thank You!

This Ministry has done Big Blessing in my life.
Some times I feel down and sluggish-
Then a thought comes - it may seem a little item - To be Prayed For in Jerusalem is one of the biggest, best things in my life, it's true.

Thank You one and all.

- Shalom
Ronnie V. Ward

Dear Gidon,

Thank you so very much. I am going through a trying time at the moment, but I believe God is cutting all unholy ties (even with another child of His).

I am at a cross-road in my life. I need to know where the Lord is taking me, and what I am to do with the rest of my life.

Thank you for your prayers.

- God bless,
Shalom, Astrid

Shalom dear brothers and sisters from Holy City Prayer Society!

I'm very thankful to God for your reply and I appreciate your attention regarding me. I have experienced myself how great is the prayers power therefore I believe that your prayers about me will do a lot in spiritual situation.

I gave you my particular prayer need about the Journey, it means that I pray for God's timing and the right doors to yours and my country Israel, because I also belong to this nation.

May God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you!

- In love,
Edite from Latvia

Your ministry of prayer on others' behalf is a truly beautiful and loving idea. May G-d bless you a thousandfold in return.

Peace and all good to you, always.

- Candy

I just want to encourage you, about the job you guys are doing in the Holy City.

It feels good to hear from Israel, the city of the most High God, everyday.

May the good Lord bless Israel and every one who prays for her peace.


- Shalom,
Peter Bakkari


I am telling others, as many as will listen - what an opportunity - priviledge, too, to be prayed for in Jerusalem, Israel - NOW they have the opportunity.

Your prayers are Helping Our whole family too (Blessing).

Please pray with me for GOD'S Protecting Hand-on me where I live!


(You, your family, and & THE PRAYER WARRIORS THERE)

- Shalom and THANK YOU

Shalom Gidon,

Like I promised, here a small massage from what happened after you started saying prayers for me.

The Beit Din in the Netherlands suddenly changed. Rav J.S. Jacobs, Shlita, became the head of the Beit Din. With him I already had an interview just a few days before I wrote to you in September. Last week Rav M. Stiefel, Shlita, who is my mentor and is an direct assistant of Rav Jacobs, told me last week that it wasn't an "if" I would do gioer anymore, but that it was "how" he would lead me to my gioer. This was a real compliment for me and it made me very happy. Baroech HaShem.

With whole my heart I hope that Shay feels that you and I are praying for him; that he is not standing alone in his fight for a good and happy life. That there are people who love him for whom he is and are willing to fight and pray for him.

I thank you so much for all the prayers you are davening for Shay and me.

May God bless you.

(Sissi Pas)

- Sincerely,
Shanah Zarach bat David


Shabbat Shalom to you, your wonderful wife and family, and to all the Holy City Prayer Society team.

You know, I really can't tell you exactly why, but all I can say is that I am very excited being a member of the Holy City Prayer Society. I'm grateful to G-D Almighty for having me a part of such wonderful organization.

As an individual, I believe in the powers of a miraculous G-D (...the G-D of Israel) I believe in the powers of prayer... and that's why I pray, and ask other to pray for me as well.

Here's a little about me:

I am from Africa. I was born and raised in the small West African nation of Liberia, unto Christian parents. I was raised in a Christian home.

I've lived in the Unted States for approximately 10 years.

I consider myself an Evangelical Christian.

I'm a Conservative Evangelical Christian. I keep the Jewish Shabbat (the 7th day), and eat only kosher. I do the best... the very best I can to keep the Holy Days and High Holy Days. I observe Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement), on an annual basis.

I also consider myself a Christian-Zionist, which can be interpreted that I believe that the Jews are the chosen people of G-D; that all Israel is a Holy Nation and People; that the land of Israel is a Promised Land... promised to Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaacov; that Jerusalem is a Holy City... and for the Jews and Jews alone.

I'm pro-Israel. By that I support the Nation and People of the State of Israel in prayers, and bless them financially and economically, whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I'm even willing to volunteer in the Israel Defense Force (IDF), that is if the authorities would allow me to do so.

Thank you so very much, and may the Unique One (Blessed Is He), remember your good deeds unto righteousness.

Shabbat Shalom,

- Michael


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