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Prayer and Torah, the Two Way Street

Thoughts and Prayers from Jerusalem

Shalom from Jerusalem!

Whoever turns his ear from listening to Torah, his prayer is also an abomination.

Shabbat 10, 1

The sages quote Proverbs 28:9 and clarify their values in no uncertain terms. Engaging in prayer without respecting Torah - God's words to Man directly, through prophets, and especially as expounded upon by Its students and teachers - is the wrong thing to do. But didn't they go a bit too far? An Abomination? Wouldn't "His prayer is not accepted" have done the trick?

The Bible uses the word "abomination" (To'evah in the original Hebrew) infrequently and never lightly. Usually, it refers to something that has to do with idol worship, improper sexual behavior, and certain forbidden foods. Ezekiel uses this term often with regard to the sins Israel committed with the false gods of the Canaanite nations, and the author of Proverbs uses the word metaphorically to scorn the evil and unwise who call good traits an abomination.

Torah and prayer are two sides of one coin. Torah is God speaking to us, and Prayer is us speaking to Him. To refrain from hearing what God wants to say to us is not unlike a child interrupting a parent's sentence, which proves lack of interest in that adult. Why should the wise adult continue speaking if no one's listening?

So if God (as it were) withdraws when we pray if we did not listen to His words, who is left to listen to our prayers? If we think it is God but it is not, then by definition it is a false god = idol worship.

Today, meditate on a thought from the Bible before engaging God in prayer.

Today's Prayer: Monday's Psalm 48

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Thoughts about Prayer from Jerusalem

Prayer is the foundation of the relationship between God and His children, and its primary vehicle. Sages of old have created a wealth of wisdom based on the Bible, giving people in all generations the opportunity to contemplate on these thoughts to help them focus in their relationships with the One Above.

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