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Prayer and Good Deeds, Like a Hand in a Glove

Thoughts and Prayers from Jerusalem

Shalom from Jerusalem!

All who busy themselves with commandments and good deeds, their mouths are open with prayer before God.

Tosefta Maaser Sheni, 5

With all due respect - and much respect is due! - to commandments and good deeds, if someone is busy with them all day, when will they ever have time to invest in prayer? Furthermore, this maxim uses an unusual phrase: what is the meaning of "their mouths are open with prayer?"

This wisdom of the sages emphasizes the efforts that we all have to make in order to fill our minutes, our days, our years and our lives with positive, proper, Godly behavior. Ideas like "Give unto Caesar what is his and unto God what is His" have no justification - everything is God's, as it is written, "The whole world is God's and all that is in it, the land and the inhabitants thereof (Psalms 24,1). All our actions must be carried out knowing that God is watching like a loving parent, silently encouraging us to do the right thing. And when that child succeeds in doing that right thing, what tremendous pride and love for that parent is reflected in their relationship!

So too, with our relationship with our God, our Father. If we succeed in the challenges that He sends our way, if we do not waste our most precious gift from Him - our time and our lives - then we will proclaim our love for Him and His kingship for all to see just with our being! The sages have said that whoever behaves properly brings honor to God. This praise through behavior is the silent prayer that announces that God is with us, so even when you are not praying, you are praying! And when you finally do come to the time of day that you will pray to God formally, both you and He know that your prayers are offered on a sturdy base.

Today, focus on a good deed to do for your fellow, and come before the King glad and with good heart.

Today's Prayer: Sunday's Psalm 24

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Thoughts about Prayer from Jerusalem

Prayer is the foundation of the relationship between God and His children, and its primary vehicle. Sages of old have created a wealth of wisdom based on the Bible, giving people in all generations the opportunity to contemplate on these thoughts to help them focus in their relationships with the One Above.

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