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Jerusalem and Prayer, The Dynamic Duo

Thoughts and Prayers from Jerusalem

Shalom from Jerusalem!

"Built up to Talpiyot" (Song of Songs 4, 4) A hill (tel in Hebrew) that all mouths (piyot in Hebrew) pray towards, in prayer, blessings, and declaration of faith (Kriyat Shema).

Jerusalem Talmud, Berachot 4, 8

This picturesque phrase in Solomon's love song sings the praises of Israel, whose love for God is as complete and towering as the high Jerusalem neighborhood of Talpiyot, which today looks over the Temple Mount. As the Holy City Prayer Society, the answer to this question must be 100% clear: What is the connection between Jerusalem and prayer?

Prayer is spiritual, perhaps more spiritual than any other idea imaginable. On the other hand, a city, with all of its real-life aspects: parking spaces, trash collection, municipal taxes, may be one of the most physical things in the world.

God wants to bring the point home that He created and continues to be in charge of everything in the universe, both spiritual and physical. There is nothing, nowhere, that is outside God's purview.

God created the beautiful city of Jerusalem to remind us that the spiritual world and the physical world are connected. It is up to each and every one of us to search for that connection and to cultivate it.

This is why the name of Jerusalem "Talpiyot" was chosen for this maxim. The Hebrew word for prayers - Tefilot - and the word Talpiyot are an anagram! The same letters in a different order. This means that they are virtually one and the same!

Today, infuse something physical in your life with spirituality.

Today's Prayer: The Thirteen Attributes of God (Exodus 34, Psalms 80, 6)

What is more holy than prayer and Jerusalem? Join the Holy City Prayer Society and cherish both!

Thoughts about Prayer from Jerusalem

Prayer is the foundation of the relationship between God and His children, and its primary vehicle. Sages of old have created a wealth of wisdom based on the Bible, giving people in all generations the opportunity to contemplate on these thoughts to help them focus in their relationships with the One Above.

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