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A Time and A Place for Everything

Thoughts and Prayers from Jerusalem

Shalom from Jerusalem!

A person should pray in a place that is designated for prayer.

Jerusalem Talmud, Berachot 5, 1

Coming from the Jerusalem Talmud, it is not hard to guess what the Sages would say is the optimal designated place for prayer. The city that is well known as Talpiyot, alluded to in Solomon's Song of Songs as the point through which all prayers ascend to Heaven, is surely the best place to pray from every day. However, this directive of the Sages needs further explanation. Why must prayer, such an individual, private act, be restricted to a single place?

It is important to note that this maxim does not say that a person should pray in a place that he or she designated for prayer, but rather a place that IS designated. In other words, such a place has been earmarked by others as a place for prayer - in short, a house of prayer.

This saying therefore joins the many that encourage people to join their community and pray in a space reserved for communal prayer.

Finding your own unique voice in your prayer to God is indispensable, but it is imperative to find your place in the symphony of community prayer. God wants all of His children to get along, and the first and best opportunity to practice that is in a House dedicated to His Worship.

Today, walk a few extra steps, and pray in your community's house of prayer.

Today's Prayer: Collected Verses Tachanun

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Thoughts about Prayer from Jerusalem

Prayer is the foundation of the relationship between God and His children, and its primary vehicle. Sages of old have created a wealth of wisdom based on the Bible, giving people in all generations the opportunity to contemplate on these thoughts to help them focus in their relationships with the One Above.

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