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Verses to Honor God (Yehi Chavod)

This collection of verses from Psalms traditionally introduces the central Psalms recited each day, 146-150. It should be recited with special intensity.

May God's honor last forever, may He be happy with His handiwork. (Psalms 104:31)

May the Name of God be blessed from now until forever. (Psalms 113:2)

From the east where the sun rises until its setting, God's name is praised. (Psalms 113:3)

God is great over all nations, His honor is over the heavens. (Psalms 113:4)

God, Your name is Forever. God, Your remembrance lasts from generation to generation. (Psalms 135:13)

God has prepared His throne in the heavens, and His kingdom rules all. (Psalms 103:19)

May the heavens rejoice and the land dance with glee, may they proclaim amongst the nations - God has reigned!  (1 Chronicles 16:31)

God is King, God was King, and God will be King forever and ever! (Psalms 10:16 and 93:1; Exodus 15:18)

God is King the world over, even if nations will perish from His land. (Psalms 10:16)

God has broken the counsel of nations, He has revoked the thoughts of countries. (Psalms 33:10)

Many are the thoughts of man's heart, but God's plan is what will prevail. (Proverbs 19:21)

God's plan will stand forever, the thoughts of His hears for all generations.  (Psalms 33:11)

Because He has stated, and so it was; He commanded and it was established. (Psalms 33:9)

Because God chose Zion, He yearned for a place there. (Psalms 132:13)

Because God chose Jacob, Israel for His special one. (Psalms 135:4)

Because God will not forsake His people, and His inheritance He will not abandon. (Psalms 94:14)

He is compassionate, will forgive sin, and will not destroy. He renegs on His anger often, and will not awaken all of His rage. (Psalms 78:38)

God, save us! May the Kings answer us on the day that we call. (Psalms 20:10)

Our Prayer for You

Members of the Holy City Prayer Society in Israel pray daily for all members. We have designed a general prayer, based on tradition thousands of years old, which is said daily with each member in mind.

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Traditional Prayers

A list of these traditional prayers and translated excerpts from them are provided here. More translations will be provided with time. Please refer back to this page to check progress.

We recommend using some or all of these formulated prayers as a starting point for your own prayers.

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