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Prayer of Redemption, Part 2: Transition

Our fathers' Help you were and are forever, a shield and a Redeemer for them and for their children after them, in each and every generation.

In the heights of the world your throne is steadfast, and your justice and laws spread to the ends of the world.

It is true, that happy is the man that will heed your commandments and put your Torah and your Words on his heart.

It is true! You are the Lord of Your world, and a Heroic King to fight the battles of parents and children.

It is true! You are the first one and You are the last one, and besides You we have no king who can redeem and save.

It is true! From Egypt you redeemed us, oh Lord our God. From the house of bondage you released us. All of their firstborns you killed and your firstborn Israel you saved.

The Red Sea you split for them. The enemies you drowned, and your beloved ones you led over to the other side.

Then their enemies were covered by water, and not one was saved!

This is what the beloved ones praised You for and sang songs of praised to God. They gave songs, and psalms, blessings and thanksgiving for the Living and Everlasting King.

High and exalted, great and awesome, He causes the haughty to fall to the ground and lifts up the low to the heights. Redeems prisoners and poor and help weak ones, and answers His nation Israel when they cry out to Him.

Let us give praise to the All High God, their Redeemer! Bless him, and He is blessed!

Moses and the children of Israel sang a song to You with great happiness, and all said:

"Who is like You among the gods, oh Lord? Who is like you, oh majestic in holiness, the awesome One of praises, who does great wonders!"

The redeemed sang a new song to your great Name on the water's edge. Together, all praised, coronated, and sang:

"The Lord will reign for ever and ever!"

Oh Rock of Israel, arise to the help of Israel, and redeem Judah and Israel as you have pledged.

As it is written: Our redeemer, the Lord whose Name is Hosts, the Holy One of Israel.

You are the Source of Blessing, oh Lord, who has redeemed Israel.

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