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Collected Verses Tachanun

Guardian of Israel, please guard the remnant of Israel! And cause not Israel to be lost, those who say Hear O Israel!

Guardian of one Nation, please guard the remnant of this One Nation, and cause not this One Nation to be lost, those who say the Lord is our God, the lord is One!

Guardian of this Holy Nation, please guard the remnant of this holy Nation, and cause not this holy Nation to be lost, those who say each day, Holy, Holy, Holy!

You who see our supplications favorably and forgive us through our prayers, favor us and forgive us, the poor generation, as we have no other help. Our Father, our King, Have compassion for us and answer us, as we have no redeeming credit. Treat us with charity and kindness and save us.

And we know not what to do, as our eyes are only upon you. Remember Your compassion, oh God, and your kindness, for they existed forever. May your compassion for us, Oh Lord, be as we prayed to You. Do not remember our initial sins, quickly replace them with your kindness, for we are exceedingly poor. Help us in God's name, the Creator of heaven and earth. Have mercy on us, God, Have mercy! For we have had too much scorn. In anger, remember mercy. In anger, remember the perfect one, the bound one. In anger, remember the merciful one. God, Save! Oh King, answer us on the day we call you! For He knows our evil inclination and the fact that we are but dust. Help us, the God of our salvation, for the sake of your Glorious Name, and save us and atone our sins for Your name.

Our Prayer for You

Members of the Holy City Prayer Society in Israel pray daily for all members. We have designed a general prayer, based on tradition thousands of years old, which is said daily with each member in mind.

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Traditional Prayers

A list of these traditional prayers and translated excerpts from them are provided here. More translations will be provided with time. Please refer back to this page to check progress.

We recommend using some or all of these formulated prayers as a starting point for your own prayers.

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