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Need Help? We'll Pray For YOU!

Today, The Holy City Prayer Society offers you a special service - the opportunity to have a prayer said for you daily in Israel, the Holy Land! Our prayers can raise your spiritual consciousness and help you in your quest for tranquility.

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May the God of Israel who rules all reward you
for your thoughtful prayers for me.
Slowly, my healing is occurring!
All the best, Gidon.
My dream is to see you in Jerusalem
someday soon (Psalms 84),
with my health restored.

- Hank Allen, Wheaton College

What is the Holy City Prayer Society?

Birkat Cohanim -- the priestly blessing -- at the Western (Wailing) WallThe Holy City Prayer Society is a nondenominational monotheistic fellowship dedicated to advancing the value of prayer in the minds of the general public around the world. Towards this goal, the Society produces literature, recruits members, and most importantly, prays for you.

Members of the Holy City Prayer Society include Christians, Jews, and all believers in the God of Abraham.

Dear Gidon, Thanks for thinking about me. I am very grateful.
As a Christian, I have to know more about the Holy Land,
its People, the Bible, God, etc.
I am also interested in visiting Israel, the Holy Land.
God bless you for thinking about me..

- Adams Owusu, Ghana, Africa

What is so special about prayer in the Holy Land?

For thousands of years, people all over the world have had Jerusalem and the Holy Land in mind when directing their prayers to God. While He hears our supplications wherever we may be on earth, sages of old have already taught us that "THe Land of Israel is holier than all other lands, and Jerusalem is holier than all other places."

When dedicating the Holy Temple that he built in Jerusalem, King Solomon cried out to the Lord (First Kings, chapter eight):

"[One] from a far country... when he will come and pray toward this house, hear in heaven your dwelling place and do according to all that the stranger calls to You for."

You owe it to yourself to plug in to the Divine energy inherent in Prayer in the Holy Land.

I would like to thank the Holy City Prayer Society
for prayer for me. I would like to thank the Lord
for getting me safely through my surgery.

- Linda M., Exton, PA

The Holy City Prayer Society. Your representative in Jerusalem. Sign Up Today!

Where are the prayers recited?

Our "prayer leaders" who recite the prayers for the Holy City Prayer Society reside in different holy places in Israel. The holy cities of Jerusalem, Hebron (burial place of Abraham, Sarah, and the other patriarchs and matriarchs), for example. We recite our prayers numerous times a day, and often at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, and sometimes even on the Temple Mount itself! (Authorities permitting).

How can the Holy City Prayer Society help me?

All members of the Holy City Prayer Society are prayed for daily in the Holy Land, in one or more of the numerous holy cities and sites, like Jerusalem, Hebron, the Judean Desert, and occasionally even the Temple Mount, by pious Society members for the duration of their subscription.

This personal touch contrasts with one-time-only faxes, e-mail, or any other technical method. God yearns for His creations' supplications.

Whether your needs are mundane, sublime, transcendental, or all of the above, for yourself or for others, no plan to succeed is complete without involving Our Ultimate Partner.

Dear Gidon Ariel,

Joining your Prayer Society was one of the best things
I had done this year! Thank you for your prayers.

Also, my boyfriend and I received blessings today
from Hashem. I believe that this miracle happened for us
with the help of prayer and faith.

Even though my faith in this blessing was not good,
my faith in Hashem helping me in some way or another
was great!


- Michaela Galambos, Rochester, NY

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What is the content of the prayers of the Holy City Prayer Society?

Praying at the Western Wall
The Holy City Prayer Society has designed a general prayer, based on tradition thousands of years old, which is said daily with each member in mind.

You can also request a special prayer, including focus on Health, Children, Fertility, Matrimony, Livelihood, A Peaceful, Happy Home, and much more.

Dear Gidon,

Since joining the Holy City Prayer Society, your prayers
have helped me secure a temporary work contract,
which means more money to enable me to help others.

HaShem has again strengthened me, and through
your prayers, healing and health have come speedily!

May HaShem continue to bless your activites.
The mitzvot (good deeds) undertaken by you
and those who pray for members
will not be forgotten by HaShem.

G-d bless,

- Emunah Ma'ayan Dent, Glasgow

Is there more to the Holy City Prayer Society beyond prayer?


Membership in The Holy City Prayer Society gives you the satisfaction of joining like-minded people in this noble organization. A portion of all membership dues are donated to help needy residents of Israel.

But there's more!

All members of the Holy City Prayer Society receive exclusive materials produced especially for them, including our Holy City Prayer Manual (for you to "follow along with" in the comfort of your own home) and part 2 of "Prayer Through the Ages Through the Eyes of the Sages." (Part One is available free to all who sign up for our free newsletter.) There are many more benefits for members in the pipeline.

Members of the Holy City Prayer Society can also request that Kaddish be recited for their loved one.

What is more holy than prayer and Jerusalem? Join the Holy City Prayer Society and cherish both!

May Hashem bless this project and answer your Tefillot!

- Shmuel Sackett, www.jewishisrael.org

What about my friends and family?

Bringing out the Torah ScrollEach membership in the Holy City Prayer Society includes a free gift membership for one friend or relative of your choice. We will send an e-gift certificate in your name, or if you prefer, it can be "your little secret" with the One On High.

Members can also request that prayers be recited daily in the names of their relatives and friends.

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How can I be sure that these prayers will help?

The Temple Mount, viewed from the Mount of Olives
While we are confident that God recognizes our needs and hears our prayers, we are equally confident that His ways are often unknowable by us, until one Day in the future.

No one can guarantee what answers God gives to those who pray, but in the long run, we believe that prayer is good for the one who prays and the one who is prayed for.

Personal prayer straight from Jerusalem - it's like
a local phone call to G-d.

- Gedalia M., Israel

Money Back Guarantee

Membership in the Holy City Prayer Society carries an unqualified money back guarantee. If at any point during your membership in the Holy City Prayer Society, you are not completely satisfied with your membership, contact us and we will refund your membership dues, no questions asked.

Don't hesitate. Click here to sign up and we'll start praying for you TODAY!

Thank you so much for your prayers.
Two doors have opened for me in the past two months.
The first one is that G-d has made a way for me to
take a Hebrew correspondence course! This is something
I have wanted to do for several years now.

The second one is G-d has made a way for me
to get an apartment of my own
(I have been staying with friends).

I continue to pray for my son, Tommy.
I thank you for your prayers for him.

I also continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem,
and for all of you there in the Holy Land.


- Arielle


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